Amplifier Vintner's tasting glass
exaggerates the positive and negative
qualitits of a wine.  Professional tasters
use these glasses to critically evaulate a
wine... They are unforgiving and at the
same time flattering...
Amplifier Vintner's Tasting Glass

14 oz. ~ 3.25" w X 4.25 h

Item # RAVW6238
$60.00 Set of 4
Amplifier glasses are unmatched in their ability to magnify the bouquet of any wine, focusing and
intensifying the bouquet.  If the bouquet is world class, the experience will be breathtakingly intense. But
if the wine contains flaws such as excessive alcohol, Brettanomyces, or oxidation, they will be presented
as such without pity.  However, be warned:  drinking from Amplifier glasses is a learned skill.  
Nevertheless, like mastering any powerful tool, the reward far outweighs any necessary effort.  Be patient
with the Amplifier glasses and just remember that not drinking your best wines in an Amplifier is simply a
Amplifier Cabernet

28 oz. ~ 10 tall

Bordeaux (red), Cabernet Franc, Cabernet
Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Syrah,

Item # RAVW6452-0750
$100.00 Set of 4
Amplifier Unoaked White

16 oz. ~ 8.25" tall

Unoaked white, Albarino, Arneis, Bordeaux
(white), Burgundy (white), Chardonnay, Chenin
Blanc, Graves, Hermitage (white), Pinot Blanc,
Pinot Grigio, Rhone (white), Semillon, Soave,

Item # RAVW6452-0400
$95.00 Set of 4
Cognac/Single Malt Scotch Snifter

14 oz. ~ 7.625" tall

Item # RAVW6456
$90.00 Set of 4
Traditional Cognac/Brandy Balloon Snifter

20 oz. ~ 6.25" tall

Armagnac, Brandy, Calvados, Cognac

Item # RAVW6511
$90.00 Set of 4
Amplifier Mature Red Wine

22 oz. ~ 8 3/8" tall

Mature reds, Barolo, Bordeaux, Burgundy

Item # RAVW6346
$120.00 Set of 4
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