Distinction Porto Special Reserve
Fine Ruby Porto
Distinction Porto Special Reserve

This is a Vintage Character Port which is a blend of Ports which have been aged in wood for four to five years to produce wines of greater complexity than their younger counterparts.  A port with attractive, intense fresh fruit aromas and flavors.

This finest reserve blend celebrates the place of distinction occupied by the Croft family in the history of port.  One of the founding port houses, Croft & Co. was established over three centuries ago in 1678.  Its estate of Quinta da Roeda is one of the finest vineyards in the Douro Valley.  This rich and full bodied reserve port is aged to full maturity in oak vats.
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$19.99 per bottle
$17.99 12+ Mix & Match
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Fine Ruby Porto

A blend of young wines, matured in cask for an average of three years before bottling.  Croft Fine Ruby is a crisp, full bodied and fruity Port rich in style and with a full deep red, intense appearance.

Lively plum and red berry impressions dominate this fresh young port, which is silky and mellow on the palate underscored by ripe tannins and bright acidity.
$14.99 per bottle
$13.49 12+ Mix & Match
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