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Simplicity and its heritage. Made from three basic ingredients lemon, sugar and pure alcohol it captures the spirit of the Italian lifestyle in a glass. Visitors to Italy will tell you about the abundance of lemon groves that trail down the Amalfi Coast, wrapping around towns such as Capri and Sorrento. This is where the limoncello tradition was born.

Served at the end of a meal as a digestif (or after-dinner drink), limoncello is best enjoyed ice-cold, served in a frosted cordial glass. The chill of the liquid and the sweet-tart taste of the lemon is the ideal way to unwind at the end of a meal. Limoncello is the second most popular spirits drink in Italy.

In fact, many Italian families have their own recipes. And most will enthusiastically defend their family's recipe as "the best."
Caravella Limoncello has been made by the Sperone family in Milan for more than a century. Carrying on their grandmother's recipe, the Sperone family carefully harvests, peels and crafts their limoncello and imports it to the United States for America to enjoy. Caravella Limoncello is America's best-selling limoncello.

The Sperone family has added a new flavor to the limoncello tradition.  Caravella Orangecello is made by following the same century-old recipe, but using oranges instead of lemons.
Caravella Orangecello

From the fragrant orange groves of Sicily in Southern Italy comes Caravella Orangecello.

The Sperone family has been producing citrus liqueurs since 1898. This combination of orange juice, orange peels and the finest grain spirits is a favorite in Europe. Taste the flavor of Pisa, the excitement of Milan, the beauty of Portofina. Salut! 

Caravella Orangecello Orange Liqueur. 30% Alc./Vol. (60 Proof).
Caravella Limoncello

Made from the finest grain spirits infused with the juice and peel of lemons from Italy's sunny southern Amalfi coast.

Whether at home or out, Caravella Limoncello adds a continental spirit to any occasion.

Welcome to the essence of la dolce vita. It is Caravella Limoncello, the sensation of Europe, now taking the U.S. by storm. From the long-revered Italian tradition of the classic limoncello, this exquisite liqueur is made from the finest grain spirits infused with the juice and peels of lemons from Italy's sunny southern Amalfi coast.

The term "limoncello" describes one of Italy's most relished drinks. At the beginning of this century, it became very fashionable in homes to soak lemon peels and leaves in fine alcohol, adding sugar to create a delicious liqueur served well-chilled on hot summer nights. The lemons, which grow plentifully on Italy's spectacular southern coast, were highly valued not only for their wonderful taste but also because they were considered to have tremendous curative properties.

This bottled version, Caravella Limoncello, was created by Paolo Sperone in Milan from a family recipe dating back to 1898. Founded in 1911 by Antonio Sperone, the company is now the world's fourth-largest producer of Italian aperitifs. Though virtually unknown in the U.S. until now, limoncello is currently so popular in Italy it accounts for 35% of total liqueur consumption in that country.

Whether at home or when dining out, Caravella Limoncello adds a continental spirit to any occasion. The classic order comes ice cold,"neat", in a chilled cordial glass. Caravella Limoncello should be stored in the freezer to ensure that it is always served ice cold.

Caravella Limoncello Lemon Liqueur. 32% ALC./VOL. (64 Proof).
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