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Moet Chandon Dom Perignon Gift Boxed

Seven years!  Like all Dom Perignon Blanc of first Plenitude, the 1998 vintage released in 2005 has matured in the cellars in Epernay for seven years to express its richness and depth.

Seamless and sensual
If we were limited to just two words to describe its mysterious magnetism, they would be seamless and sensual.  Seamless:  with no rupture, no disconnect/reconnect from the first sensation to the last, just an uninterrupted, creamy flow, the caressing smoothness of satin that seems to go on forever.  Sensual, because of its intense, sophisticated sensuality, both incredibly tactile and incredibly enigmatic.  A magnificent paradox in the purest creative tradition of Dom Perignon.
As Richard Geoffroy says, "This vintage has a way of holding the final note I've never seen before.  It's as if it doesn't want to let go.  It begins with the magnetism of a coaxing caress and ends in a kind of embrace that captivates you like a long-lasting perfume.  It's surprising, strange and magnificent."

The 1998 harvest:
The year saw two unusual and contrasting weather-related events:  the severe burning of the grapes caused by record-high temperatures in August followed by exceptionally high rainfall in the first half of September.  Patience regarding the start of the harvest was rewarded by the period of miraculously good weather that followed.  The grapes were healthy and especially well-ripened.
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Moet Chandon Dom Perignon Gift Boxed

On the nose:

The initial notes of fresh almonds and grapefruit gradually lead into cashew nuts and spices complemented by lightly toasted brioche.

On the palate:
The sensation is one of diving into a wave:  a satiny texture curls and unfurls on the palate, embracing and caressing it.  An instant of weightlessness, matter vanishes, the finish vibrates, and the taste buds are aroused by controlled ardour.  The persistence is remarkable with just the slightest undertone of tartness (Citrus zest and buds).
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