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2005 Ten Mile - The Broken Road

In the anarchic years between 1841 and 1869, pioneers made their way west
to California by the thousands, each determined to escape the oppression of
overcrowded cities, and to move closer toward the often-heralded dream of
unfathomable riches. Indeed, it was to become a testament to the courage of
those who are convinced of a Manifest Destiny.

And so they came, saints and sinners, dreamers and schemers, to claim their
place in the ever-expanding American landscape — often on foot, at an
average of ten miles a day. But then, Gold Fever began to cool, and the open
road to vast riches was showing deepening ruts. A transformation of values
was beginning, colored as it was by new ideas and uncharted possibilities. A
number of newcomers turned away from digging gold to pursue a more
enduring wealth borne from the earth: The liquid gold that was California

They planted Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, Carignane and Barbera — grapes that
display great ripeness and intensity. These grapes were often planted together
in small patches and co-fermented into what was referred to as a field blend.
They complemented one another favorably and the wines showed great
character with a big, bold, highly extracted style. Some 140 years later, these
people and their wines inspired us to pay tribute to them — and to
acknowledge the path that would, in ways they had never imagined,
ultimately lead them to their dream down: The Broken Road.
Technical Notes on 2004 Vintage
Same blend as 2005 vintage
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