$10.99 per bottle
$  9.89 12+ Mix & Match
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Wines from Washington
Sweet Riesling

The Washington grapes that we choose for the Sweet
Riesling are picked riper than the grapes for the dry
Riesling. We use a small amount of yeast to encourage the
fermentation to stick — or keep it from becoming
completely dry. We ferment at low temperatures in stainless
steel tanks. Like our Dry Riesling, this is another no oak, no
malolactic wine. To stop the fermentation we use our
centrifuge, which separates the yeast and the wine... this
concludes the fermentation. We leave a good amount of
carbon dioxide in the wine to create a lively feeling to the
wine — although it's not spritzy.

The resulting wine is moderately sweet and refreshingly low
in alcohol — less than 9% — with flavors of pineapple and
peach. Our Sweet Riesling brings perfect balance to all fiery
fare — especially Thai, Szechwan and Caribbean cuisine...
or simply enjoy as an aperitif.

Vital stats:
Alcohol 9%  Residual Sugar 8.4%  pH: 2.97  TA: 0.78
$11.99 per bottle
$10.79 12+ Mix & Match

Because of the popularity and demand of our Dry Riesling
and Sweet Riesling, we thought it made perfect sense to
craft a Riesling in a taste profile that was directly between
our other popular Rieslings. Combine the facts that this
slightly sweet flavor profile represents over one million
cases sold in the market and that our new Riesling is line-
priced with our Dry Riesling and Sweet Riesling, it's a
homerun proposition.

As wine lovers crave alternatives to heavy and oaky white
wines, Riesling is experiencing a true revival (like a phoenix
rising from the ashes — the inspiration for our label
artwork). Portraying bright crispness, subtle sweetness and
aromas of jasmine, pear and apple, the wine exemplifies the
harmony of Riesling. The sweetness plays wonderfully with
fiery fare (from Thai to Mexican), while the natural acidity
stands up to richer foods (from French to German).

Alcohol 11.5% Residual Sugar 2.3% pH:3.07 TA:.72%