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Wines from ITALY
$  9.99 per bottle
$  8.99 12+ Mix & Match
Simply Seductively Smooth Red Wine

This wine was crafted with a broad cross-section of wine drinkers in mind. From new red
wine explorers to red-wine lovers, Seductively Smooth Red offers approachable, pure flavors
that appeal to all. Blended from some of Columbia Valley's premier vineyards, the wine
delivers a simple yet complex mix of juicy dark fruit, inviting aromas, and soft, soft tannins.

Wine details:

Seductively Smooth Red is 90% Syrah, 10% Riesling. The Syrah was micro-oxygenated to
soften any tannins and deepen the wonderful dark fruit characters. Riesling was blended to
brighten and accent the richness of Syrah. Very little oak was used to maintain the softness of
the wine, resulting in wonderfully pure fruit flavors with a surprising depth and richness to the
finished wine.
Simply Sweet & Delicious

Simply Sweet & Delicious is a sweet (5.5% RS) deep blush wine created for the everyday
consumer looking for a sweeter red with an inviting, non-intimidating package.
With beautiful strawberry/watermelon flavors and balancing acidity, the wine is not cloying. It
is Simply refreshing and delightful.

Wine details:

Simply Sweet & Delicious is composed of 40% red grapes (Syrah/Sangiovese) and 60%
white grapes (Riesling/Gewurztraminer). We focused on color and sweetness as the core of
the wine, while making sure the flavors were pure and integrated. Made to be served chilled,
this wine is an open invitation to anyone seeking a wine that is not dry, just Simply full of
Simply Pinot Grigio

Simply Pinot Grigio is a delightfully approachable, floral style with wonderful balance. The
flavors in the wine are exceptional for their purity and focus. This is the kind of wine that
flows easily at gatherings or a quiet evening at home.

Wine details:

Simply Pinot Grigio is composed of 90% Estate Pinot Gris and 10% Chenin Blanc. The wine
has just a touch of RS (0.03) to add mouth-feel but not enough to dull the beautifully vibrant
acidity. The addition of Chenin Blanc adds a wonderfully floral note to the nose and some
complexity to the layered fruit flavors.
Why Simply?

Delicious wine is just that: delicious. It doesn’t need a high score or a big price tag, it should simply bring pleasure to
you and your friends. At Simply, we make wines that are rich, soft, fruity and easy-to-drink. We like to think of them
as every-day wines for every-day people. We craft these wines from some of the finest vineyards in the Columbia
Valley, an area quickly gaining fame for quality and character. Our three bottlings, Pinot Grigio, Sweet & Delicious and
Seductively Smooth Red – are all exactly what the label says they are; and most importantly, they are Simply delicious.