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Wines from France
Jean-Paul Trocadero Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Brut

Jean-Paul Trocadero Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Brut comes from the Savoie region of the French
Alps, and even though it tastes very much like a traditional brut champagne, by law it cannot be
referred to as champagne. Therefore, it’s a sparkling wine. It’s crisp and bursts with a variety of
citrus and apple flavors. I found this surprisingly full-flavored, somewhat sweet but not as sweet as

The Trocadero Brut is made by the Trocadero family. They settled in the Savoie region of France
after the Napoleonic Wars and began growing grapes and producing wines. Jean Paul Trocadero
created a somewhat fruitier sparkling wine and over the years the Trocadero has only improved.

This magnificent wine from the Savoie region has a slightly musky finish and a lush texture. The thing
about non-vintage wines is that they are blends of grapes of various vintages. The wines can be
reliably consistent and when you find one that you like you should expect the same taste. Vintage
wines will cost more and are very year-dependent. While I can get quite excited about a quality
vintage, I must confess to being thrilled at finding an NV with exceptional taste.

Jean-Paul Trocadero pairs well with strong cheese and spicy foods. It is a light, delicate but full-
flavored wine and at this price it is an amazing bargain with a taste very similar to true champagne.
This blanc de blanc is made using only chardonnay grapes, the white of the white. Typically this
creates something light and delicate that can mature into a rich, very flavorful wine.

Year: Non-Vintage
Winery Name: Jean-Paul Trocadero
Varietal: Sparkling Wine
Country: France
State or Region: Savoie