Wine Lights

Preserve a special memory
All you've needed is the flame to turn your favorite wine bottle into a beautiful, long-lasting winelight.  Enjoy years of elegant
graceful illumination

-Fits most wine bottles
-Burns quality lamp oil
-Economical and clean
-Perfect for party or  
any special occasion

With included flame protector, your wine light can be used outdoors or in any drafty area.

Simply fill a clean, empty bottle with lamp oil, insert the Wine Lite standard and wick, then top off with the glass flame protector.
Etched Grape Wine Light
Item # WLLV1
Aroma Therapy Wine Light
Item # WLCA
Clear Wine Light
Item # WEM1695
Liquid Paraffin 32oz. (946ml)
Item # WLOQ
Aroma Therapy Vintage Scents
For use with item WLCA above
Alpine Ice # VSAI
In Chanted Forest #VSIF
Vanilla # VSV
Chocoholic #VSCH
Round 100% Cotton 12" long
replacement wick
Frosted Wine Light
Item # WLLAF
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